Welcome to Unseen – a solo exhibition by South Wales visual artist and photographer Suzie Larke.

The exhibition is being held at Oriel yr Aelwyd / The Hearth Gallery, Llandough Hospital, and virtually at https://cardiffandvale.art/2020/10/08/unseen/. The exhibition is supported by Cardiff & Vale Health Charity.

As part of the Green Ribbon Arts Festival, Suzie’s current project ‘Unseen’, commissioned by Unlimited and funded by the Arts Council of Wales, is a collection of photographs, each one depicting an individual’s personal story and experience with their own mental well-being.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Ian Maclaren

Part of being human is to struggle. Commonly our struggles with mental well-being are not outwardly apparent and can lead to people feeling isolated in their experience. This project aims to help people express their experiences through conceptual photography, to increase awareness and conversation about mental well-being and unite us in the knowledge that everyone goes through – and can overcome – struggle.

‘Unseen’ is a collaboration with individuals who’ve experienced and overcome a struggle to depict their experience with mental well-being through fine art photography. By empowering the subjects and engaging with them as experts in their own experience, Unseen seeks to return a sense of control over how they’re seen by others.

“My hope is that the co-creators can gain a new perspective on their experience; to better understand it.’’ Suzie Larke

Suzie uses constructed imagery, digitally stitching photographs together in such a way that they present as a single, untampered image. She creates images that challenge our notion of reality – combining photographs to create images that defy logic.

By using ‘magical realism’ to transform photographs that take the everyday and skew it, she creates images that interpret the subjective experience of struggle.

The exhibition will be shown in the Gallery during World Mental Health Day on 10th October and it will continue until the 15th of November 2020.

For any information about the exhibition or about the Arts for Health and Wellbeing programme at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board please visit www.cardiffandvale.art or email molly.lewis3@wales.nhs.uk



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